The Skitty Kitty
The Skitty Kitty
The Skitty Kitty
Cat Humans

The Skitty Kitty

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A lifestyle vest and playful skirt for your flirtatious Skitty Kitty this season! Do you want under knickerbockers which stay on nice and secure, just like your love for your little family member? They are holding a little wrapped present in their arm! Suitable for men, women and all cats in between.

This designer pet outfit will bring both style and comfort to your little member. Perfect for every day, weekend parties and walks! 

5% of Cat Humans' profits buy activity books for underprivileged children with terminal cancer in South Africa. 

Pair it!

Pair it with our kittie booties and leashes in the Melt their Cold Little Heart collection!


  • Consists of a couture skirt and wrap top in a feline suit
  • Specifically designed to be comfortable and allow free movement
  • Keep your loved one warm this winter season!
  • Hilarious way to keep friends and family entertained

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